Veterans Behavioral Health Service

For those who have served our country with unrivaled sacrifice, we offer programs and services to help with readjustment into the “civilian” world. Returning home from war zones, reliving painful experiences from previous tours of duty, and while learning to readjust to a different world, can be difficult and sometimes anxiety begins to arise. At California Mental Health Connection, we empathize with the apprehension a veteran may feel and seek to assuage his/her concerns. We have trained therapists to assist the veteran with their emotional wellbeing.

Military deployments not only impact the veteran, but impact their family as well. California Mental Health Connection embraces this sentiment. Our programs extend, not only to the veteran, but to their families. This includes therapy on an individual basis or with their family. Sessions are design to help family members identify signs of anxiety, distress, depression, self-medicating (drugs and/or alcohol abuse), and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars have created severe hardships for military families, and we are here to help.

If you have found the wait too long at the local VA Hospital or fear of discrimination for seeking help; California Mental Health Connection has therapists available to fit your schedule with the utmost discretion. Additionally, if you or your family has been denied services, we can help.

*Please call to schedule an individual or family appointment.
**Group Meeting Days / Times: To be determined by patients’ needs