Our Mission

California Mental Health Connection is a non-profit public corporation organized under the “Non-profit benefit corporation” of the State of California. Our mission is to promote a healthy atmosphere for the treatment of individuals recovering from a crisis situation.

For the client

To ensure families and their loved one’s support, assistance and integrate each one to their significant relationships, community, work or school with the highest level of functioning and best quality of life possible, in a warm, caring and professional atmosphere that is sensitive to the phase of development in which they are.

For the trainee and researcher

To provide them with a therapeutic community models and develop creatively in a joint effort with other professionals in the field skills, attitudes, ethics, core values and sensitivity to today’s clinical challenges and to promote leadership and impact in the larger community through well plan, design and smart research by competency enhancement and needs assessments. As well as to have discussion forums that support therapist and their family with their very unique needs.


For the community at large

To assess, study, research and impact the design of innovative tailored to impact the specific special population with prevention programs through the exchange of information, and application of programs in the schools, churches, agencies and institutions in need of professionals to support and impact a particular change in their community.