Victims Assistance Program

Being the victim of a crime is a life changing experience. The Victims Assistance Program is partnered with the State of California to assist individuals who have been the victim of a crime, witnessed a crime, and/or the immediate or surviving family member of the party associated with the crime.

This program offers assistance with anxiety that may follow after experiencing a crime. Victims may experience episodes of uncontrollable crying, depression, fear of leaving their homes, trouble eating, sleeping, and may also demonstrate signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as seen in wartime military veterans. Being the victim of a violent crime is an strenuous hardship and can be very difficult to endure. It can be intimidating to ask for help but California Mental Health Connection empathizes with your apprehension and we are here to help.

Many crime victims may not realize they are entitled to financial assistance to aid them during their recovery process. This gives the victims peace of mind knowing there is help available. In addition, financial assistance can help provide medical care, and in the most tragic events, assistance with funeral costs. Our therapists will assist you with your distress and help you apply for financial assistance through the State of California.

*Please call to schedule an individualized assessment to see what type of specialist will be the best for your case needs