Court Mandated Programs

ANGER MANAGEMENT We can provide an individualized experience with the option of 16 or 32 sessions as well as accommodate in a group setting of at least 8 other peers to work on anger management issues. Professional staff will provide you with the necessary court reports requirements.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE We have two groups for the 52 court-mandated sessions for perpetrators, which allows the individual 2 hours a week sessions. Our goal is to improvecoping skills, decrease aggression, and develop strategies for the individual and their loved ones. We also provide a women’s group which takes place year-round, every Saturday to work on co-dependent issues and destructive relationships. We provide you with the necessary Court/DCFS reports requirements, as well as support in coping with the aftermath of surviving violence.

FAMILY THERAPY We can provide for your DCFS, Court and legal needs towards reunification and family therapy.

Call to schedule an individualized assessment or to sign up for group sessions.